Journey to Balance

Through this 8-week journey of the Rev 32 program, I have had certain goals in mind of weight loss, diet and muscle strength. I have learned so much about my body after having two kids and two C-sections I felt separate from my body in some ways. I have heard that exercise helps connect the body, mind and spirit, helps stress relief and increases endorphins to help give you more energy and it is crazy to feel how in less then 8 weeks I have connected my mind, body and spirit stronger then I ever had before and my stress level has changed too.
At the beginning of the program participants speak with a nutritionist over the phone for a consultation after filling out a detailed questionnaire focusing on diet, exercise and personal life. When I was doing my phone interview with my nutritionist which I had to reschedule once before because my daughter did not want to nap during my phone conversation; my nutritionist asked me if I was stressed. Without even realizing it I unconsciously started crying and discovered while trying to fight back the tears I answered “yes” I was stressed. With work and my two kids already a full plate, starting a program that was taking my “me time” was a challenge with my time and balance. My stress level was very high even though I wouldn’t of completely admitted it to myself, I had to speak to a complete stranger on the other side of the Country to find out I was stressed and needed to find more balance.
After some self reflection, discussions with my husband and making a few changes my stress level has reduced dramatically. However my plate is still full and I know the stress say “Hello” again but I know that exercising has helped me to let go of the stress. I wouldn’t quite say my life is in complete balance but the journey to balance feels like I’m succeeding instead of failing.
Things became easier the workout wasn’t as hard I was able to push myself farther than I ever had before and when it was getting hard I just told myself to keep going and I am so happy I did.
Coming close to the end of the REV 32 program I know I have made diet changes, lost weight, grown muscle and strength, made new friends and something that I am so proud of is I feel like I am getting a little closer to my journey towards balance.


One thought on “Journey to Balance”

  1. Health in all the realms is what health is all about. This balance and mindfulness in Body, Mind, Spirit and Emothion is why I love my Nia practice so much. Makes you so conscious and aware and able to maintain a healthy life. So happy for you Lauren. Keep up the good work. Kathy Bate


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