Rev 32-8 weeks of “Me Time”

People may know me as a Chef with my own catering and cooking class business in the East Bay. I’m also mom of a three-year-old and one-year-old both girls. I have a supportive, loving and hot husband and loving family. However when it comes to treating myself well I usually fall short in that process.  I do have a huge pile of clothes on my guest bed that has been there for way too long so “me time” takes a back seat since I have so many other things to do. However we all have this and that laundry is still there but the “Me Time” will be had! I decided to do something for me to make myself healthier more active and really push myself and see what I can do. I decided to start an eight week program Rev 32 at the Renaissance Club Sport in Walnut Creek.

Rev 32 in an intensive 8-week program and lifestyle change with a metabolic diet, meeting with nutritionist, logging my food daily to my trainer, support from a team and trainers and daily cardio with total body work out.

Ann, my trainer, told me about the program at past cooking classes and I couldn’t wait to try it out for myself. This program is different than just the Boot Camp or workout program because it comes with changing lifestyle choices with an extreme change in diet with removing any gluten, starches with carbs, alcohol, sugar as well as dairy in the first two weeks of the program. We see how these foods interact with your body. After the two weeks you can slowly start adding these foods into your diet with healthy options and see how it feels.

As a chef I pride myself succeeding food challenges to create full flavor and healthy food. The dairy wasn’t an issue for me since I removed most dairy in my household because of learning about the practicing of big farming and the dairy industry. Gluten and carbs wasn’t too hard I don’t normally eat a lot of bread and I have a very vegetable protein filled diet for the most part already. My challenge is eating more frequently and reducing beer and wine.

Each workout I have pushed myself harder then ever before and I know this because we each receive a MYZONE Belt which tracks our heart rates and level of cardio. The MYZONE belts fullsizerender-1track our work out and is displayed on a TV.It is a great way to challenge myself and also keep my mind off of the plank position that I’m sitting in for 60 seconds.

I honestly feel this is the best way to work out especially for someone like myself who is a newbie after having the two kids. I was mainly just doing a yoga and Zumba class here and there. I don’t have a lot of education on different workouts and weight lifting techniques. We are in groups of 4 to 6 other people with a trainer who will modify every single exercise for me so I know I won’t hurt myself. I feel like I have a personal trainer even though I’m within a small group and the group feels more like a team with everyone working together. Each person in the program is so supportive and  I’m so happy to get to know them. They put up with me accidentally counting out loud, which I know is annoying, as well as all the crazy grunting noises that I make.

The first half of my workout for the first two weeks every part of my body was saying “STOP! Your tired! Take a break” but I kept pushing myself until my endorphin’s started to kick in I start enjoying the fact that I’m not surrounded by two crying children and I am spending time on my self. I remind myself in another half an hour I will be in a nice shower, or if I have enough time to blow-dry my hair maybe put on make-up  and just not think about it anything, which is really the true joy of life.
I had certain ideas about what my weight goal would be at the end of the program, what my fat percentage goal would be but now that I’m just thinking I want to be able to do a plank or a push-up and have the strength to be able to hold my body. I want to feel like I can climb a flight of stairs or run after my kids and not be so exhausted. Overall I just want to be healthier, make good habits and the right choices for myself and have some treasured “me time” which is needed for us all.

I will continue to post about my experience in the program and recipes that I enjoy to keep my metabolism and protein in-take up.




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